Jezebel News: Chiara Ferragni Already Has Its Own Application for IPhone

Just the week and with it we want to do a review of the hottest news within the fashion world. Very different to each other, but with a characteristic element: everyone is talking about fashion. And start this post with a story that me, personally, I was petrified: Chiara Ferragni It has launched an iPhone of your own blog application.

Updates in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the blog is what we will find in it. To be engaged 24 hours a day 365 days a year to their world. The best/worst case? Their more than 17,000 downloads in less than 24 h. Fear gives me this girl…

  • Changing the subject, Barney’s It has created an animated film with the Disney factory, where the more endearing characters as Mickey mingle with influential figures from the world of fashion such as Anna Dello Russo (and its cherries on the head) or Nicolas Ghesquière.
  • I’m flawed images of the photographer Tommy Ton, and now, has presented the last made in the backstage of Victoria’s Secret. If the theme already arouses interest in me by itself only, the actions of Mr. Ton worth: details that we had not seen before as lucid shoes or the wings of fantasy.
  • On Monday, online store with more buyers Asos launched a collection in limited edition designed by Markus Lupfer. Under the name of ASOS Black, This collection is dark mixing tones like Midnight blue and black. Your prices? Higher than normal: between 120 and 280 euros.

The Markus Lupfer for Asos clothing

  • For the first time RAF Simons He spoke after his departure from Jil Sander to deal with Dior. He did so in an interview with Vogue Aussie of the month of December, 2012, and it speaks of respect towards fellow of John Galliano profession.
  • Marni their new models of bags taken from the collection has presented Resort 2013. She has introduced the legendary Doctor Bag (that dozens of firms already have) and has shown his vision endowing it of applications in XXL. Dark colors like black, the Blue night or the oxblood are the protagonists.
  • The Spanish firm Lavand has released own shop in Madrid and in it the visitors will find an original application. It’s a giant mirror as if a mobile screen is involved which makes you a picture of what you are trying (if you want). In this way you can upload it directly to the social networks to ask your friends about whether opinion buy that garment or not.
  • Magazines they begin to release their covers Christmas such as Taylor Swift Harper completo Bazaar USA, Anne Hathaway for Vogue USA or Toni Minogue for Vogue Germany.
  • And it is in this issue of Vogue USA where readers can see the actress wearing their signed fairy tale princess dress wedding by Valentino.