Luella, the Liberty up-to-Date

They are lucky, those privileged who can open November adopt future “it” next summer.Moreover, when it comes to an end part of one of the best wines of the London fashion week – that of Luella – we realize that the winter will be very long, and it will be very difficult wait until January…

When Jennifer Connelly parade in Balenciaga new generation, we admire, we realize that these cocoons flower finally are not importable if we made peace with Nicolas Ghesquière and we are delighted that fashion still enjoys outsiders placing aesthetics and conceptually above the shopping.

However, as laudable as these considerations, the fact is that little fashionistas will condemn for summer creations of Ghesquière, which is not the case for those of Luella. For from the show azimuthed of creative, with Agyness Deyn in geek rock and pop imagery declining a hippie version of Trainspotting, small flowers at the Laura Ingalls became a fashion obsession.

However, if the floral prints invaded the catwalks of spring summer 2008 fashion shows, few were ultimately desirable immediately, although they surely will become once the trend will be declined in all its forms, the VIP fashion have worn them and deferred and that Vogue has made two or three lighted shootings.

Anyway for the moment the creations of Luella are almost the only ones we would refrain from manual to thread: they are obvious, revisit the genre perfectly, graphics transform a simple into something ultra rock and up-to-date. It would bring them anywhere, with anything and especially in winter. The neo-romanticism from this perspective there has vigor, dynamism and elegance who mix subtly the past clichés and no modernity.

Exit sentimentality, girls flowers are no longer naive. They come out at night to play Counter Strike, wear short hair, sip cocktails explosives… and bear Luella . If the forget-me daisies and other flowers decide to break with the somewhat bland use that was previously reserved for them, and follow the path of the London rock and roll attitude, it may well be that succumbs quickly…