Marc Jacobs Puts Stars Bare

Marc Jacobs, after publicly his tongue to a fashion editor, presented one of his shows with more than 2 hours late, designed to destroy his own brand of uniforms for the perfect little American housewife and excelled during the presentation Vuitton, can only continue in this way that seems both succeed him: that of the non-establishment fashion, falsely rebellious and wildly Jacobs.

For $ 35 and for a good cause, we can now get in the Marc Jacobs boutiques nice T-shirts with the evocative slogan (if it is not enough, the illustrations that accompany it possible to integrate well the message…).

The ethically correct purpose of this mini collection is to guard against skin cancer, besides the profits will be donated to research against cancer. But as long ago understood the fashion industry and medicine, it is more efficient to get the message across in a fun way, a shocking and very fashion strand, rather than off-putting or professorial manner.

So what better than asking the most beautiful body in the world to pose naked on t-shirts branded Marc Jacobs, the designer up to date? Naomi Campbell, Dita Von Teese, Helena Christensen and Eva Mendes therefore display their impeccable plastic for the sake of research, while Marc Jacobs affix his name to this campaign history to benefit the small blast controversy it could perhaps to create, or at least associate its image with a morally correct initiative, but without taboos…



Marc Jacobs: Speedo Sexy with Harry Louis!

Marc Jacobs: Speedo Sexy with Harry Louis!