MBFWB Filippa K A/W 2014 – Minimalism Instead of Monotony

Not only German designers show their collections during the fashion week – the Swedes behind Filippa prove K since the opening of the flagship store in middle of Berlin fashion week, too, how basics to perfection can be driven, that quality sometimes weighs more than innovation and minimalism is not to be confused with monotony.

Filippa K is the Counterdraft to the fashionable noise from Prada & co, and yet it pursues the same goal: the wearer to move the focus of the observer, she would like to seen, instead of overlooked are. Where Miuccia Prada with explosive patterns-color cocktails works and provides for satiation, Nina Bogstedt, manages to put the effect of clothing on a level of attention with the personality of the wearer. A silent emancipation in the guise of Scandinavian sleekness. You could now build on Tillman auditor style columns about the style or the uniforms of today’s youth and Halberwachsenen, are wondering whether the optical synchronization has defeated in the meantime any rebellion, but the answer is in the details: features must not be obvious and individuality can be found not only in materials, but in the overall package – including styling – in the face of the woman who wears the 100th College jacket of the day.

Because its own soundtrack to the show brewing is in my mind the music during the show worked more as an accessory instead of help to understand the collection,. Something that sounds like freedom, (self -) consciousness freedom of interpretation of and lightness, standing up and going out at the same time “we hunt the monotony, we make out of hours a year and Moonlight a year, we fly as far as still never.“ end, out, the rest is up to you, because that’s what fashion is.

Our favorite looks:

Pictures: Mercedes-Benz fashion week