MBFWB Lala Berlin “Will Be Wild And Do Something Nice“

Interpretations are subjective – as well as perceptions, seen, desires and dreams. We all are sketch always our very own understanding of experienced, sometimes to insist, and vorbeischrabben completely other sensations. When Leyla Piedayesh us with their lala on Berlin collection for the winter 2014 that prompts: “will be wild and do something nice“ – then most of us start but once again to activate their knotted head. Are we going wild and free and unadjusted? Are we not driven because of individuality, and not all of them are we pursuing the happiness of life? 

Abood answer at this point might be: no, or maybe, not really. We do not belong to the rebels of our time and dare not the seemingly impossible, but sit on security, are every day tens decisions, without to go boldly ahead and to pursue passions. We are paralyzed if all the possibilities seem clear and adapted and seem to work quite well – at least a large part of us. Lala Berlin collection calls, reminiscent of punk past and attempted carefully to represent our future. Grunge meets traditional arts, Oriental influences are deliberately broken and he also gray Berlin winter finds his small tribute. Typical lala elements are taken up and break new ground. Will wild and doing something nice – or also: stand no longer even in the way, break out and become stained. Yes, because this is our time!

The front row:

And for me it goes a step further at this point: it comes to girl power, to empty all drawers and the ability to achieve anything: so loose-fitting two-piece combine both times with bawdy Nikes and again send Schuchhen, thick knitted sweaters are a matter of course knotted over shoulders , are the icing on the cake, forming not only new silhouettes, but donate even protection. Delicate lace is not only obvious and used in full-body look sexy, but flashes then and also from severe situation looks out when – breaks so that the outfits and combines naturally feminine with masculine elements. It comes to lightness and gravity to the role of men and women – and how one could interpret as well: to the figure of yesterday and today – of past days full exemptions and our today’s gravity and stillness in the head.

A but is certain: as always Berlin presents a tribute to far Eastern cultures, handicraft and traditional values us la – and combines it skillfully with the signs of the times: slightly worn, devastated and confused.

But even Berliner winter finds expression: the print, a photorealistic printing reminds of broken ice and thus on the grey and the biting cold of this city in the winter.


We hold: lala-winter 2014 is floor-length coats the revival of knitting sweaters over the shoulder of Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda! Top – to our taste but rather easily hidden as obviously loose two piece together with Berlin-winter-memory-print favourite looks.