MBFWS Cheap Monday Catapulted Us Into The Past

NA, who of you has yesterday virtually sitting in the front row and watched the live stream from cheap Monday, huh? It was not only one of the best inszeniertesten watch this fashion week, but also one that with the an or other uncomplicated favourite was waiting. But once on top:

Immediately upon entering the dark Hall, armed with popcorn and Coke, I right and left the first hear “OHS“ and “AHS“: couples slow dancing to the music of the bangles, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears are light cone in the middle of the room – teen spirit par Excelence or also: Prom night feeling like I’s always imagined. A past amorous started immediately maneuvered us directly in our youth time. And comes’s ultimately: teen dreams, the innocent look on a really brittle world, undecided being between carefree moments and seriousness, and the urge to belong to a group. This was a doll-like makeup on the face painted and used an accurate Bob on the head. And the collection? Who scored through one, two or three favorite looks:

#1: grey from head to toe!

By due “grey sweetie“.

#2 fringe meet futuristic Culottes

Is perhaps inappropriate in the first moment, works but just so well. Non?

#3 sharp-cut bodice meets full MIDI skirt from jeans.

From head to toe: Yes!

And you have taken on the shape of the shoe? Cheap Monday put not only on the pants over shoe styling, but also on the flattened shoe Cap. Do you know yet? Clearly, that you know more!

What we learn yet?

Cheap Monday is a tireless fighter for more spaghetti straps on our roads. So far the 90-00s trend prevailed more semi successful. Maybe works’s in the winter: in the guise of sequins. Neon. Yes, the theme is cm still not off the table. We can no longer see – even in the futuristic silver-neon yellow mix. Also here: down jackets against chilblains. And what may be missing nor: raw denim, wide cord, pleated, fleece and of course Teddy! Preferred types: caramel, silver, off-white, grey and dark blue.


Et volia: the whole string is just in the Lookbook.