MBFWs Pushes Back’S At The Top: Sports Socks Make Corsages. And We Ask Ourselves: This Must Be Really?

Wanted to Ann-Sofie take yesterday back with her presentation on the arm? Wanted to the designer, who is better known as the creative mind behind cheap Monday, many make perhaps just a little bit about the entire fashion circus fun? I’m still stumped. And, although I was actually always a big fan of Ann-Sofie back younger line BACK: A bit whimsical, wild and free and unconventional. Their autumn/winter collection, but still a fun skin on top: messy, crazy, unfinished, a bit artificial and for me a little bit too much of the whole – at least then when you pull up the portable aspect. If you think so about it, really to buy BACK. 

No coincidence their winter motto is probably “BACK with a bang“ is top, emerged from a pulse different, also, over the. A rebellion and a response to the entire fashion circus with all its hype and superficial platitudes. There are sports socks with sneakers (HYPE!) Pulled, skirts of a la Celine embarked, corsages on tops (there is just a fashion dictates) gestriffen or hair in walks of life pink dipped. Yes, BACK playing with all prejudices and somehow hits the nerve with their intention – if also unfortunately not the own taste.

If models move so quickly and run in zigzag from A to B, so that the camera captures just only blurry images. If you doing so mad look at it with her Crimson heads, that you get almost a bit scared and afraid, to specified equal’n or to be jumped. And if you hear the loud trigger cameras even at the end of the presentation and put that against his own forehead, you know that something’s in the Bush.

We named it BACK with a bang! “And is inspired by the sheer mania of fashion week, this haircut is how we feel at BACK right now“.


Boy. Ann-Sofie back has himself taken the liberty, to do something different. Something that reminds us more of their origins: the fun she once focused with her fashion. And so she created the opposite of their two last seasons: something that screams not following a trend, but takes the trend on the arm – and at the same time and obviously shows a finger at all of us. And who knows, maybe it has triggered even back a trend to.

And what was to see s in addition to Nike socks over footwear?

Along with brown tones down creations open seams weird draping and node unconventional cuts and cut-outs

More pictures of the show are here.