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According to ezinereligion, in 2007, Monaco had a population of approximately 36,000 people. The majority of the population were of French descent, but there were also significant numbers of Italians and Monegasques. The economy was largely based on finance and tourism, with the country experiencing a period of economic growth during this period. Foreign relations were mostly positive, with Monaco having strong links to other European countries as well as the United States and Russia. Politically the country was relatively stable, with the Princely family in power since 1297 and a multi-party system in place since 1911. In 2007 there was some political unrest due to increased calls for greater autonomy but no major incidents occurred.

Yearbook 2007

Monaco. In March, municipal elections were held in Monaco According to CountryAAH, Monaco is the capital city of Monaco. The incumbent mayor George Marsan and his List of Municipal Development won convincingly with an average of 2,600 votes per candidate. Only native monegasks have the right to vote, and just under 54 percent participated. Marsan’s counterpart, the independent Bernard Carpinelli, received 367 votes.

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Dominion of Genoa since the 12th century, in 1297 Monaco became the possession of Franceschino Grimaldi, exponent of a powerful Genoese family. After a period of ups and downs in the 14th century, for which it was now subjected now directly to Genoa now to the Grimaldis, in 1419 it passed definitively to the latter, who had to defend their possession both from the aims of Genoa and from those of France, and from those of the Savoy, owners of nearby Nice and eager to acquire the possession of Menton and Roccabruna, then included in the territory of Monaco. With a treaty of 1509 the Grimaldis submitted to French protection, but three years later they obtained from Louis XII the recognition of the independence of the city. In 1524, the Treaty of Burgos made Monaco enter the orbit of Spain for over a century, albeit with formal autonomy. In 1641 Onorato II, who in 1612 had assumed the title of prince, returned the principality to the French protectorate and from that moment the Grimaldis gravitated around the French court. On January 3, 1793, during the French Revolution, an improvised national assembly declared the principality lapsed and invoked the annexation to France, a status that lasted throughout the Napoleonic period until in 1815 the congress of Vienna returned Monaco to the Grimaldis, entrusting him the protectorate of the kingdom of Sardinia. In 1860, with the cession of Nice to France, the Piedmontese also withdrew from Monaco while Prince Charles III ceded Menton and Roccabruna to France.

Since then, entirely included within the French territory and linked to France by the unification of customs, postal and telegraphic services, the principality ceased all political action, changed its appearance and function and became one of the major tourist and social centers of the Riviera. Charles III (who died in 1889) and his son Alberto (who died in 1922), a distinguished oceanographer, carried out a radical work of internal reorganization by renewing the codes and the administration. In 1911, with the promulgation of the Constitution, the principality became a constitutional monarchy. During the reign of Rainier III, who became the 31st ruler of Monaco in 1949, succeeding his grandfather Louis II, Monaco had a new Constitution (1962) and became a member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. In 2005, on the death of Prince Rainier, his son Alberto took the throne.

Monaco weather in March, April and May

Average daily temperatures between 14 ° C and 19 ° C can be expected over the next three months. In Monaco, it gets warmest in May, while March is a little cooler.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 13-18 ° C.

In March, at about 6 days expected precipitation in April at about 6 days in May at about 5 days.

In the period from March to May , the sun shines an average of 7 to 9 hours a day. The sunniest weather in Monaco is in May, but with less sun you will have to get by in March.