Monaco 2007

Yearbook 2007

Monaco. In March, municipal elections were held in Monaco According to CountryAAH, Monaco is the capital city of Monaco. The incumbent mayor George Marsan and his List of Municipal Development won convincingly with an average of 2,600 votes per candidate. Only native monegasks have the right to vote, and just under 54 percent participated. Marsan’s counterpart, the independent Bernard Carpinelli, received 367 votes.

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Monaco weather in March, April and May

Average daily temperatures between 14 ° C and 19 ° C can be expected over the next three months. In Monaco, it gets warmest in May, while March is a little cooler.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 13-18 ° C.

In March, at about 6 days expected precipitation in April at about 6 days in May at about 5 days.

In the period from March to May , the sun shines an average of 7 to 9 hours a day. The sunniest weather in Monaco is in May, but with less sun you will have to get by in March.