Music: Album-Pre-Listening – Band of Horses “Mirage Rock“

Is actually’s on September 14 so far, thanks to we come but right now to take advantage of the latest and thus 4th Studio album by “band of horses“, the folk rock collective from Seattle around Ben Bridwell. “Mirage rock“ although not very successful LP title, is in my eyes this is the sound that packed seems better.

With the opener track “knock knock“ we got already a small Appettitmacher some time ago, at first listen through a total of eleven new works hope for good new tones actually confirmed. Wanderlust and melancholy, euphoria and headwinds. So this sounds indeed. Whether “the funeral“ Earwig – and Dramatechnisch is ever exceeded, although the question remains, but this should not worry. First and foremost it concerns the horse boy quality and a body of work that is so good in the best case, that we want to touch it, to enjoy just digitally instead of us.

With regard to the production guys doing it this time on the top: although it has been on “Mirage rock“ less raged out than on the previous album, it was getting down into the foreground, producing dry this time. And that goes well with anyone as good as with engineering veteran of Glyn Johns, who took care of the sound among others at the Beatles, Dylan and the who. I would almost argue, the good man who now has 70 years under his belt, had not admitted is probably on this liaison, when Ben and bearded band not quite exactly know what they are up.

Knock knock:

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