Natasha Poly, without Socks and Crazy, Defies 5 Degrees under Zero during The Berlin Fashion Week

The Russian model as well, with the Brandenburg Gate’s backdrop, poso yesterday Natasha Poly During his arrival to the parades that were going to celebrate during the Fashion Week Berlin.

To attend the parade of designer Xavi Kings during the Berlin fashion week, the model almost catches pneumonia when you reach the place in a Mercedes convertible dressed in a LBD that was the minimum expression of a dress that fits imagine though, that was Yes, a print animalier that waved in the wind as if it were a banner adorned with a vaporous tail.

Poor Natasha must be cold, although the bad weather he sought to put a good face. The case is one time already sitting in the front-row arrebujaba as he could between the photographer Jeff Bark and the Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo. But as a good professional that is, although the dress was not blocking him more than enough and should be having a horrible cold, did not smile in no time.

I don’t know that will give these girls so don’t give them pneumonia because yesterday in Berlin was a whopping, and never better said, of -5 degrees. A plus for danger is what should collect when they are forced to work in these conditions, without socks and crazy, do not you think?