No One Wants to Stay with Any of The Editions of The “2Jours” of Fendi

It is one of the bags of the season, this I think there is no doubt. Fendi It launches a new icon in your signature in a way megistral. It is one of my bags preferred not only by shape and design, which are sensational, but by the thousands of issues that we can find this same bag. Fendi bet blind by your “2Jours” throwing it in as many completions that it is almost impossible to choose one of them in particular because there are tantan and so wonderful that seems impossible mission.

A shopping normal will say many, a spectacular bag will say many others. For me it is a bag of wardrobe for life if we choose it in tones like beige, Navy Blue, or black but also a modern and bag trend if we choose any created from pink or beige shearling and different hair colors and positions. No doubt each Edition they take is more innovative and more want to have her hands.

Face Delevigne He has starred in the campaign of Fendi that showed this new release, perhaps has contributed to make this bag a full success of sales. But there are many celebrities that have chosen this bags to stroll the streets to contribute more if it is to this kind of phenomenon of the “2Jours” of Fendi. Olivia Palermo or the very Sarah Jessica Parker have already worn theirs, over custom because you can add the initials in a hanging bag.

It is impossible to control all the finishes of this bag, can be found in different sizes and its price goes from the 1,500 euros until figures much higher in their most special finishes such as for example of crocodile that round the 25,000 euros. Become the? “2Jours” in the worthy successor of the “Peekaboo” y “Baguette”?