Pictures Of The Day Wood Woods “Utopia” – By Partnerlooks, Marble-Prints & Training Styles

Yes, I know: Dä in our capital fashion week begins and where look the Janes again? – to Scandinavia or rather: to Copenhagen. Don’t worry, will deal with it in the coming days especially Berlin fashion, so much was promised. If Wood Wood however is presenting his latest Lookbook, we need to swing still once fix in our beloved city of fashion and the highly acclaimed you “utopia“ collection now in the Lookbook format present.

Had to fight while I last summer with snap breathing, because seen umhaute simply live and in color, so I need more for the associated campaign pictures have a few minutes. Blue favorites are missing completely, and some combinations seem now a bit too hard to cool after the 90s revival of the past two years. Or I’m a louse on the liver today just ran?

There are she the darlings of the line, no question: the Pinstripe pants along with striped shirt, the dark blue two-parter and the bright blue suit, the fisherman hats with a wide brim, the wide-leg pants, vests, as well as the College jackets …


… The sweater in Merino Wool and even above coat.
You may be worn but also all for himself, sensitively and with less „ face “-attitude. Then, then, I’m thrilled.

In the „ cycling shorts, shorts and fisherman Hat “ I’m combination however out, although the contagious good mood of the model asks us a big wink. Of course I don’t take seriously here the result at this point – I would have liked maybe just prefer a smoother implementation and presentation of the latest collection.

Or is it just this clash between Monument-protected location and crazy styling, that here to create the desired fraction? Oh, I don’t know and sleep easy again a night. And her?


Don’t worry, the great „ Wood Wood “-Liebe is not over, but is itself interpreted and taken to spin in the stores just more times under the microscope. Sounds like a plan, non?


And what we steal when the boys? Na, das hier: