Popular Destinations in Japan


The most obvious answer to the question “Where to relax in Japan” will be Tokyo – the capital, largest city and the main magnet for tourists. There are no beaches here, but local attractions and a rich nightlife completely replace them.

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Subiya Crossing is one of the busiest crossroads in the world, a very beautiful and atmospheric place that allows you to feel the spirit of modern Japan. Another interesting place is the Tokyo Tower, a symbol of the capital, built in the image and likeness of the Eiffel Tower. And more recently, the Sky Tree tower with two observation decks was built. You can also visit the Tokyo Municipality – with its height of 243 meters, it is one of the seven tallest buildings in the country. If the day is clear, Fuji can be seen from the observation deck.

Of the ancient buildings, the Imperial Palace is interesting, part of which is open to tourists. You can also visit Meiji Shrine or Zojoji Shrine. Also noteworthy is the Yasukuni Shrine, built in memory of fallen soldiers.

An interesting place is the island of Odaiba with a whole range of attractions and entertainment attractions.

You should definitely go to the National Museum, where art objects, archaeological finds and other interesting exhibits are exhibited. With children, it is worth visiting the Ueno Zoo, the oldest in Japan, or the Luna Park, where there are attractions for both children and adults. An interesting experience can be obtained if you visit the Tsukiji market, where they sell seafood and kitchen utensils.


Shopping areas in Tokyo are attractions in their own right. Ginza is an old shopping area, where today there are mostly quite expensive shops with Japanese and European goods. Akihabara is the premier area for local subcultures and Japanese high-tech electronics. In Shibuya, you can buy youth clothing from both global and local brands. Young people also love the Harajuku area – it is interesting not only to buy here, but also to stare at the buyers. And in the Minami Machida area in the suburbs is one of the largest shopping malls Grandberry Mall.

You can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, appliances, as well as souvenirs in the capital – but everything is quite expensive.


If you want a more relaxing and sightseeing holiday, Japan can offer Kyoto – the ancient capital, in which local traditions are perfectly preserved.


You should definitely visit the Gose Imperial Palace, with its classic Japanese gardens, Kinkaku-ji with golden and silver pavilions, the Kiyomizu-dera temple complex and other places.

Be sure to look at the rock gardens of Sambo-In and Rean-ji, the moss garden at the Saiho-ji temple and, in general, the numerous city parks, gardens and imperial tombs.

Near the river is the Kyoto Botanical Garden with a very significant greenhouse and very curious plants.

It is especially pleasant to admire cherry blossoms in Kyoto in the spring, for example, in Maruyama Park.

With children, you can visit Iwatayama, the monkey park, or Toei, the studio-park of the film company. You can also go to the amusement park Awaji World or go to the Kyoto Horse Racetrack.


Shoppers will love this place. It is best to shop on Teramachi, Kawaramachi and Shin-Kyogoku streets, with shops and shopping centers for every taste. It is especially good to buy ceramics and porcelain here. For sweets and delicacies, head to Nishiki Market.


If you are interested in a therapeutic holiday, Japan offers a lot of options. The most famous is Atami, a seaside hot spring resort not too far from Tokyo.


The city has a small beach, quite crowded. For comfortable swimming, it is fenced off by breakwaters. There is infrastructure, you can relax in comfort and swim.


There are four thermal springs here: Atami, Ajiro, Ju-Yugawara and Iju-San. Atami is famous for its warm waters that warm the sea. Local waters help improve metabolism, treat diseases of the joints and nerves, eliminate the consequences of injuries, help to cope with skin diseases and problems with the female reproductive system.


In addition to hot springs, there are several other interesting places. The most important thing is the orchard, which comes to life in February. Himenosawa Park is also beautiful. It is informative to visit the City Art Museum and the tea hut nearby. You can visit the park with a cactus greenhouse and animals, as well as the Atami Palace, modern but very beautiful. Adults are invited to go to the Museum of Sex. An excellent view of the city opens from the Jogasaki Bridge or from the platform near the Akao Hotel.

And if you decide to drive away, you can visit Izu Island – a very picturesque natural place.

In summer, the resort constantly hosts beautiful fireworks festivals on the water, so it is worth booking the hotel in advance.


In Atami you can buy good green tea – they sell it right at the railway station. But there are no special opportunities for branded shopping here.

Atami, Japan