Prada Sale a Bag Did Much Vale La Brand That See “Devil”?

Something is happening in Prada. Yes: their collection has been one of the most photographed on the covers of fashion. And Yes, this fantastic collection has become a favorite of celebrities. But in Prada is much more happening. Out IPO in Hong Kong and expectations are soaring. As the benefits advertised having won in 2010 Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli: More than 20 million euros.

Prada has reinvented the Baroque this season. The Baroque and stripes, tropical prints… until the spirit of fashion (something sad and faded) has reinvented Prada. Miuccia, one of the most powerful women in the industry, has played with its magic wand banana stamping and given the cool touch. The formula? A touch of jazz, some style charleston, striped, sex appeal, stoles, tight cuts, pleated skirts, wide jackets, rarities, impossible concoctions, pure, strong colors…

We came, we recall, a languid and sophisticated fashion. It seemed that the cool had to be off and half angry, absent, indirect, lost… unreachable. The glamour and fun were hotly contested. But, already, Prada did not want it changed. Now in the Italian brand ads models look suggestive to the camera, we conquer with their looks, having fun while they dance… Although not smile or even kill them. Full global economic crisis the Italian House has left the sophistication and the coldness of their advertising to give a riotous, likeable, air reminiscent of the roaring twenties. Yes those that were experienced before from the fall of 29. Boom years. As that seems to live the Italian House. The Lords Prada, which are “Bowling” for investors “chop”, Announces Earnings almost insulting in the times in which we live. It is no coincidence, or pride. It is one’s own. When a company goes IPO should be desired. The firm, which closed 2010 with a revenue of 2,050 million euros (31% more than the previous year), has chosen Hong Kong Park by the huge potential of the Asian market for the luxury brands. And he is expected to this output to bag to reach the 15,800 million dollars. It is not the first time that the Group of fashion (which is also owner of Miu Miu among other luxury firms), tries to leave a bag. He has already tried it on two other occasions, but without success. And that also gave magic numbers to conquer markets.

But let’s go into the House of Prada and know its inhabitants: Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli. She: the artist, the talent that made of nylon bag an object of luxury and desire with the single application of a metallic logo. Miuccia, who does not grant interviews, if it is not in the environment of the art creative (and very few). He: Patrizio Bertelli, a genius of the financial architecture, management, marketing and the expansion.

And the guest of honor: Anna Wintour. The archipoderosa Director of Vogue USA. Let us not forget that the woman of ice became popular outside the environment of fashion thanks to a book then turned into film: the Devil Wears Prada. And the title is no accident. Wintour is a confessed fan, and that Anna is your number one fan is the best thing that can happen if you do numbers in the world of fashion and luxury. What’s more: in the documentary September Issue you can see how the Director is involved in decisions of the firm. Seems more than a fan its particular “consultant”… MMM, I think the cover that I show below, Anna takes a Prada spring/summer 2011.

But what happens if the House goes to bag? What happens with the inhabitants of the mason if it is sold? And if Miuccia has made this collection “banana” thinking in withdraw to the Caribbean? And call her friend Anna to make mojitos. And the joy that distills the collection is that it is inspired by freedom expected soon breathe Patrizio and Miuccia. Perhaps can the artist to devote himself only to “artisteo” and Mr. Bertelli finally rest of so much lace… financial. And if they are? But no. In principle, stay with juicy salary of more than 15 million dollars and the mission to strengthen its international expansion (leo in five days). It was also Steve Jobs at Apple and then, right out to the street. Let us remember that Ford left Gucci and although it is still an interesting value (and this season the collection has been winning horse), is no sure bet.

But no… They will continue controlling the company with more than 50% of the shares, according to leo in five days. They are the company and how much is this worth? With Miuccia and Patrizio in front, with its creative and financial talent, too. And investors are there, giving turns to numbers, and are free to move are more fashion. We will soon know how much offered by the brand. For now, you can watch the video and check how animated is Prada:

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