Prada SS 14 By Steven Meisel: “Women Are Strong, Women Are Visible – We Are Fighters“

To stumble over the campaign images of the upcoming Spring collection by Prada does not necessarily mean that it falls into ravings. How Miuccia she created again and again, also no romantic feeling explosions follow on explosions of colour and with large face prints you can certainly attract everyone. If however, someone asks me why I, decided to spend the rest of my professional life with fashion, then I don’t answer “because she’s so beautiful“. Fashion that is just beautiful, may be easy to consume pleasant and carefree. It will be interesting but then if fashion feelings alive, pop culture, politics and societal developments. Miuccia Prada manages to combine all that – the studied Poitikwissenschaftlerin took over the family business at the end of the 70s with 28 years and since then uses statements that shoot outside the box of pleasant superficialities.

This time, all about street art and activism revolves around female strength, versatility, and feminism. The soundtrack to the show: “work Balamurugan“ Britney Spears and M.I.A.s “bring the noize“.

Miuccia Prada wants that we recognize this in their fashion, what last movement of the 90’s constituted the riot grrrl, that carrying her clothes seen instead of overlooked, interprets the new debate on the status of women with bright colors and large print of more expressive faces, partly decorated with sparkling stones, and sends the models as the girl gang over the catwalk, the socks pulled up to his knees.

“I saw them as strong, visible fighters. We need to be fighters in general. There is this debate about women again, and I want to interpret it my instrument is fashion. I use my instrument to be bold. I want to list had this idea that if you wear clothes so exaggerated and out look, and then will they there, people. I want to be nasty.“

Support Miuccia got from international street artists such as Diego Luna, Jeanne Detallante or
Pierre Mornet and two illustrators who are Diego Rivera, this time considered Miuccia’s Muse, in the Prada prints their own political street art and that of the Mexican.” The backdrop also joins thanks to gigantic murals of it in the artistic concept, fashion show and location to merge to the all-encompassing installation.

Why I only now, just in time for the release of Steven Meisel campaign images, of tell is easy to explain: I was simply blind and probably also a small little fashion tired, as the actual show in Milan was celebrated. Too much color, too much Pengpeng. Obviously we should look more often two times and above all: just never forget that it is often the big picture, what makes clothing to the culture. The eyes see just half as well without brain. Caught.