Question from Reader: What Is the Correct Length of the Vest Tailoring?

The correct length of the pieces of clothing is a doubt as well common among men, but to doubt our player Leonardo Cruz is very specific: he wants to know up to where it should end up the vest to tailoring, because, according to him, is an information difficult to be found and there is concern using the piece correctly to not put in the game the elegance.

Question from Reader What Is the Correct Length of the Vest Tailoring

The concern of our reader is fully justified and correct! See below for an example of a beautiful look, but whose vest detracted from the end result.

As you could see the vest is very short, has a shirt left in the bottom, which makes it appear that the piece was purchased in an incorrect size or that was borrowed from another person more low.

So which is the right one?

For a result stylish, the vest should have their tips ending above the belt, a little more down the length of the tie, that is, it is not desirable that it be possible to see the shirt underneath in the region of the waist/hip, but sometimes a problem may arise…

But when the denim jeans or chino’s have the waist too low?

In this case you can even leave the vest is slightly shorter, as we do with the tie looks casual, but it’s just 1 or 2 centimeters, and more than that will compromise the visual, it is advisable to choose another type of pants.

Here’s an example of the piece being used properly with jeans low waist.

Stay tuned!

  • May not be fair, but it also may not be remaining tissue of the most;
  • Never button the last button, as well as in the jacket and the blazer;
  • Be careful with synthetic fabrics that leave the piece looking cheap, look for the wool cold;
  • The black flat can leave you with the face of the waiter (this will depend on the combination, of course), then pass to pay more attention with pinstriped or with chess, may be the best option.


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