Recap: Tyron Ricketts – World Tab Book Launch & Mini Concert In The F95 Store

It’s pretty rare that someone you barely know, thrilled us so by his adventures like last night: Tyron Ricketts, actor, musician and former VIVA presenter, did however yesterday it in his small book launch and actually, we have felt, to have been on his six-month trip around the world here with – totally comprehensible chatted from his much-needed time out to countless projects about three years ago the smart guy and his short stories are quite entertaining , for example, the in which he spoke for hours with a tree. The “Wiesoweshalbwarum?” find out her pretty great illustrated and peppered with witty anecdotes of course in his coffee table book „ World Equestrian “ – we will do the devil, and now have more to tell you.

It must have been at least a truly inspiring journey for the Austrians, with experiences he could no longer keep to yourself – and the result is really pretty big: not only the book is the result of his wonderful trip, also his companion album smashes us the good Tyron now around the ears. And this not only somewhere finds himself between intelligent lyrics and love of German hip hop, but is also quite nice fancy pull on tearing out and into the distance. Today, both the book and the album will appear and if you are very fast, you can just one stone hitting two birds:

For the first 1,000 who buy the book, get the album for free as a download with this! Order here at blurb, and fingers crossed!

We have used yesterday at the presentation of the book and the mini concert also the chance to once again pay a visit the F95 store and can only recommend the trip to the Wye! Selected treasures, beautiful accessories and very great passion – the store is likely the one or the other with a slightly prallerem wallet quite like.