Rosenberg, Texas

According to Country Matters, Rosenberg, Texas is a city located in Fort Bend County. It is situated about 25 miles southwest of Houston and is a part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Geographically, Rosenberg sits on the Gulf Coastal Plain, which experiences mild winters and hot, humid summers. The city was founded in 1883 by Henry von Rosenberg and has since grown significantly in size and population. Politically, Rosenberg is a part of the Democratic party majority in Fort Bend County. The economy of Rosenberg centers around industries such as manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance.

The education system in Rosenberg is well-established with several elementary schools, middle schools and high schools available for students to attend. The Lamar Consolidated Independent School District serves most of the city while some parts are served by Needville ISD or Brazos ISD. In addition to public school education options, there are also several private schools located within the city limits.

Rosenberg has several landmarks which are popular amongst both its residents and visitors alike. One notable landmark is the historic downtown district which includes many buildings from the early 20th century as well as vintage stores, restaurants and other businesses that have been operating for decades. Another popular landmark is Seabourne Creek Nature Park which offers trails for hikers and bicyclists as well as picnic areas for families to enjoy a day outdoors together. Finally, Rosenberg also boasts several museums such as the Fort Bend Museum which showcases artifacts from early settlers to present-day residents of Fort Bend County.

Rosenberg, Texas

Population: 24,043. Estimated population in July 2020: 30,322 (+26.1% change)
Males: 11,939 (49.7%), Females: 12,104 (50.3%)

Fort Bend County

Zip code: 77471

Median resident age: 30.2 years
Median household income: $35,510
Median house value: $67,900

Races in Rosenberg:

  • Hispanic (55.0%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (35.4%)
  • Other race (22.2%)
  • Black (8.5%)
  • Two or more races (2.8%)
  • American Indian (0.8%)

(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Ancestries: German (9.3%), Czech (5.4%), Irish (5.2%), United States (4.0%), English (3.4%), Polish (2.3%).

Land area: 21.2 square miles


Rosenberg, Texas is a city located in Fort Bend County, Texas. As of the 2019 U.S. Census, the population of Rosenberg was estimated to be 38,723 people. The majority of the population is comprised of Hispanic and Latino Americans (46%), followed by White Americans (31%), African Americans (17%), Asian Americans (3%), and other races and ethnicities making up the remaining 3%.

Rosenberg is a growing city with an average annual growth rate of around 4%. This growth has been driven largely by immigration from Mexico and Central America, as well as migration from other parts of the United States. The median age in Rosenberg is 33 years old, which is slightly lower than the national median age of 37 years old. This can be attributed to its large number of younger immigrants who are looking for new opportunities in Rosenberg. In addition to this influx of immigrants, Rosenberg also has an above-average number of college-educated residents at 28% compared to 24% nationally. This reflects a trend across Fort Bend County as a whole which has seen its educational attainment levels rise significantly over the last decade or so.

For population 25 years and over in Rosenberg

  • High school or higher: 61.5%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 10.7%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 3.1%
  • Unemployed: 6.3%
  • Mean travel time to work: 27.0 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Rosenberg city

  • Never married: 26.3%
  • Now married: 54.4%
  • Separated: 2.8%
  • Widowed: 6.3%
  • Divorced: 10.2%

16.2% Foreign born (15.0% Latin America).

Population change in the 1990s: +3,061 (+14.6%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Rosenberg:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Rosenberg:

  • WILLIAM P HOBBY (about 38 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Abbreviation: HOU)
  • BRAZORIA COUNTY (about 40 miles; ANGLETON/LAKE JACKSON, TX; Abbreviation: LBX)

Other public-use airports nearest to Rosenberg:

  • LANE AIRPARK (about 4 miles; ROSENBERG, TX; Abbreviation: T54)
  • HAPPY LANDINGS (about 5 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Abbreviation: 2H5)
  • WESTHEIMER AIR PARK (about 10 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Abbreviation: O07)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Rosenberg:

  • HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY (about 23 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 2,273)
  • WHARTON COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE (about 26 miles; WHARTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 3,124)
  • RICE UNIVERSITY (about 29 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 4,158)
  • UNIVERSITY OF ST THOMAS (about 32 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 2,541)
  • HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM (about 33 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 21,140)
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER (about 33 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 2,595)
  • UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-UNIVERSITY PARK (about 33 miles; HOUSTON, TX; Full-time enrollment: 25,479)


Public high schools in Rosenberg:

  • LAMAR CONS H S (Students: 1,640; Location: 4606 MUSTANG AVE; Grades: 09 – 12)
  • B F TERRY H S (Students: 1,567; Location: 5500 AVE N; Grades: 09 – 12)

Private high school in Rosenberg:

  • LIVING WATER CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (Students: 236; Location: 4808 AIRPORT RD; Grades: PK – 12)

Biggest public primary/middle schools in Rosenberg:

  • LAMAR J H (Students: 1,027; Location: 4814 MUSTANG AVE; Grades: 07 – 08)
  • GEORGE J H (Students: 829; Location: 4601 AIRPORT RD; Grades: 07 – 08)
  • TRAVIS ELEMENTARY (Students: 707; Location: 2700 AVE K; Grades: PK – 05)
  • TAYLOR RAY ELEMENTARY (Students: 657; Location: 2611 AVE N; Grades: PK – 05)
  • BOWIE ELEMENTARY (Students: 541; Location: 2304 BAMORE RD; Grades: PK – 05)
  • J J WESSENDORFF MIDDLE (Students: 527; Location: 5201 MUSTANG AVE; Grades: 06 – 06)
  • JACKSON ELEMENTARY (Students: 454; Location: 301 THIRD ST; Grades: PK – 05)
  • NAVARRO MIDDLE (Students: 430; Location: 4700 AVE N; Grades: 06 – 06)
  • COMMUNITY CTR (Students: 28; Location: 1000 E STADIUM DR; Grades: PK – 12)
  • ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTER (Students: 26; Location: 1708 AVE M; Grades: 06 – 12)

Private primary/middle school in Rosenberg:

  • HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL (Students: 247; Location: 1408 JAMES ST; Grades: PK – 8)