Selena Gomez Together with Adidas Neo, Fashion Sports Sweeps

Young and with millions of fans all over the world. Selena Gomez repeated with Adidas as the image of the firm Neo the German company, with whom takes from 2012. She and Justin Bieber are the flaming Neo Adidas signings to conquer a public youth and sports. Fashion increasingly looks more a modern style and comfortable away from shoes and the typical formal garments. Adidas wants to achieve well entering this sharing of the cake.

Adidas cares much their sub-brands distinguishing its public well. Whether with Originals, with collaborations such as Stella McCartney and Opening Ceremony. All under the big umbrella of three diagonal stripes.

Adidas Neo comes to cover the modern and youthful target wanting a sporty but without going over, as if they had come out of the gym or a basketball match.

We see how the key is the informal, everything from Sports Sneakers which also have their share of stiletto to miss that fashion, as well as boots and zapas casualties in the collection of Selena Gomez. All in black and silver, with studs to match the jackets.

Leggings and jeans shorts joined with flight and sleeveless short dresses. Studs dominate supplements and pink more cakes the only glimmer of color that we see in t-shirts and dresses against the domain of the black and white.

The 2013 winter collection will be in stores the on July 30. On the website of Adidas already can see and buy different items for affordable prices ranging from 19.95 euro for a t-shirt to 69.95 euros a Huntress.

The success of this launch with Selena Gomez and Adidas is no doubt.

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