Still Not You’Ve Opted You for a Garment to Pictures? They Are Already Addicted

If we talk about the trends of this Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 There is one that comes to mind in a way automatic (unless this happens to me): pictures. Not only the tartan, Although these are the Kings of the street. And it seems that they are causing fury among the bloggers from around the world. If you also want to go to the last and still you have not dared to look nothing in this print, watch them how they do so and perhaps you animes. The truth is that many of they are right that it’s nice and the desire to look the same increase…

One of the fans more wedded to pictures is the New Yorker Danielle’s We wore what. And so we are seeing it in each of its entries: in the form of Sweatshirt, coat or pants. No matter where we find the print, the important thing is that is present in styling.

Variety is the spice and so Julie shows us of Sincerely Jules two types of different pictures. Black and white in jersey/dress form or plaid tartan in bright colors where the electric blue is the protagonist. She shows us that we could dress each day with pictures and our outfits not should why be repetitive.

Although if you are of those who die by the Scottish tartans, the best choice comes from the hand of Jessica’s Tuula: shirt wept with miniskirt and thigh high boots. Obviously, if you want to emulate their style is preferable to use averages in the legs (depending on which area you are).

Do you go to? be inspired by some of them for your day to day?