Sure You Look the Part: Costume with Plaid Shirt Madras

Sometimes we get tired of using a piece of clothing in the conventional way, indeed this is a recurrent motive for people to leave aside many of the items are nice, it is not uncommon to hear someone complain that he got tired of something that is in your closet.

Sure You Look the Part Costume with Plaid Shirt Madras

Seek new ways of using old parts is a good way to change the look and save some money, after all the need to be buying all the time disappears.

The look that we are using as an example this week shows how the casual chess can be found with the formality of the usual marine and create a costume for various occasions that call for something more aligned, but not as dour.

Why does it work?

The custom slim fit marine is modern and versatile enough to accept combinations that leave conventional, only watch out for the composition of the fabric of the costume, the wool cold, thanks to its thermal properties, will allow you to use it quietly in the hot summer days or cold. The shirt featuring plaid madras gives the tap stripped and young in the combo which is very well sold by footwear brown tie, slightly casual or at least more casual than a black, which usually comes attached to costumes fully formal. As the idea is to keep cool, the clock does not need to be classic, on the contrary, gives to insert a piece of relaxed, provided that they do not descambe to the playful, with designs or too many colors.

Note: the shoe without sock is optional, but there is also the option to use it with a half-basic marine, or color with a half invisible, if you feel discomfort in wearing the shoe without anything protecting the foot.

Try this…

create a visual still but relaxed, with a white tennis shoes leather or canvas, but watch out for the local, a cocktail day or a walk casual until you accept that visual, but for work or a dinner it may sound forced. A tie crochet or knit can be an interesting complement to give one up in the combo.

It would not be the same thing if…

swapped out the plaid shirt for a white one, the combination would lose much of its informality and its air relaxed.

In short:

  • Escape combinations with conventional to take advantage of the best that there is in your wardrobe;
  • Usual slin fit marine is very versatile and generates good options casual;
  • If you can choose a wool suit cold, in the summer you will not feel so much heat and in the cold will be warm;
  • Chess is great for the costume social more hip and young;
  • Shoe brown will always be well with the usual marine and will not be as dour as the black;
  • In this case the clock does not need to be serious, but do not overdo it;
  • White tennis shoes are the current option to leave the combo even more stripped down and a tie, mesh can give an up on final result.

Additional tips:

For chubby – if you think that the suit jacket two buttons is highlighting too much of your belly, try to the three, he is not as current, but you can play the attention to your face.

For kids – suit jacket two buttons elongates your torso, the same goes for the lapels thinner of the usual slim fit, but the bar is too short or too long you can shorten the legs, be careful!

For altões – a chess a little higher can prevent that you seem so high. If possible, keep the jacket open for people to see the cut on the silhouette (between the pants and the shirt) that will help you.