Principality and Kingdom of Bulgaria

Principality and Kingdom of Bulgaria (1878 to 1944/46)

In the preliminary peace of San Stefano (March 3, 1878; national holiday since 1988), a Greater Bulgarian state was created which, in addition to the heartland, should also include access to the Aegean Sea with most of Macedonia and Thrace. Under British and Austrian influence, the Berlin Congress reduced(July 1, 1878) this Russian dictation on […]

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Bulgaria 2007

Yearbook 2007 Bulgaria. On New Year’s Day, Bulgaria joined the EU. “A dream came true today,” Prime Minister Sergei Stanisev said in a speech on New Year’s Day about the coveted membership. In March, an EU minister was appointed and in May the country’s first 18 EU parliamentarians were elected. But at the same time, […]