Greenland 2007

North and Central America
Yearbook 2007 Greenland. The self-government government, the National Board, was dissolved in the spring after conflict within the coalition on the important shrimp fishery. The left-wing party Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) was forced to leave the tripartite cooperation, but the Social Democratic Siumut and Atassut bourgeois continued in a new coalition. Hans Enoksen (s) remained as Chairman of the National Board. In May, a ban was imposed on the sale and dispensing of alcohol in the city of Qaanaaq (Thule) in northern Greenland after a report of how the children there lived in misery due to the severe abuse of the adults. In another report during the year, 9 percent of all Greenlandic children live in so-called relative poverty, which means that they suffer from a shortage of life's emergency needs…
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