Tell Me Your Autumn Getaway Destination and Tea Will Say That Exhibition on Fashion You Can’t Miss

I love to travel and I love fashion. So when you have planned a getaway, as well as soak up the monuments, museums, etc. that exist in every city, I usually also make a shopping route to give me the small pleasure of buying somewhere new, full of shops to be discovered. And if it also matches any interesting fashion exhibition, I reserve a few hours to see it. Paris, London and New York they are cities that you are the times you go, you always have things to see and do and if in the future bridges some of these cities is your vacation destination, these are the interesting exhibitions that are waiting for you:


In London you can visit the Victoria & Albert Museum, one of the most interesting and great if you are interested in fashion. Now there is a spectacular exhibition that brings together the wardrobe of great films: ‘ Hollywood Costume & #8217;. Costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley, the black dress from Givenchy looked Audrey Hepburn in breakfast with diamonds and up to 130 outfits that are not only fashion history, but history of the cinema. It will be open until January 27.


The Museum D ’ Orsay, It brings together the work of the impressionist painters, is a must-see if you’re going to Paris. There is also a new motive for which is worth visiting them this fall. Just opened the exhibition ‘ Impressionism and fashion ‘. By sixty masterpieces of painting shows a journey through society and fashion in the second half of the 19th century. This Parisian Museum collects until January 20, 2013, part of the works of the masters of the art of painting related to the fashion of their time. The impressionist painters, lovers of light, their reflexes and draw images on canvas as if they were photographs, worried about daily life and immortalized the French company in detail, thus reflecting the clothing of the era.

New York

This I would like to see it especially because I love the style of Katherine Hepburn, an actress who is a true icon of fashion, whose male style has influenced the later fashion and that looked like few precious dresses in the golden age of Hollywood. The exhibition ‘ Katharine Hepburn: dressed for stage and cinema ‘, of the public library for the performing arts in New York, reviewed the career of the actress through the clothing used in his appearances in the theatre, film, television and advertising, and even in their private lives.