The Best and Worst of The Feast of The 100 Anniversary of Fashion and Cinema of Salvatore Ferragamo

It has been one of the most stylish of this week, This special event is by the great call signature Salvatore Ferragamo has achieved both the spectacular mount. They celebrate 100 years of union of fashion and cinema of the Italian firm and for this reason has been held in its studies the Gancio Studios in New York thus ending his project “100 Years, 100 Days”.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore was, without a doubt, the best dressed of the night with this dress in black with details of fur on the sides. She is elegance in their pure and has seen him demonstrate.

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld has continued very true to your style with this total black look where stockings become the most striking piece of the whole. Correct but perhaps with need something more notable in her look.

Eva Chen

Eva Chen was fairly successful with this type of black and red and white, original Python asymmetric skirt at the same time elegant.

The Suns sisters

The appearance of these sisters is quite original, a blonde and another brunette but both identical and with an air mega blogger Chiara Ferragni. The two were quite successful, one black and the other lace dress with one dot in different colors.

Elettra Rossellini

The idea of the dress of Elettra Rossellini It was very good, but nonetheless feel to it too bad. A dress of albero color with details of threads in all dress with one neckline more than complicated.