The Campaign of Lingerie Which Not Has Photoshop and Yes a “Real Woman”

You have to differentiate it as and if all brands are animated with the thousand touches of Photoshop in its fashion campaigns then who does not have a niche to exploit. Aerie, the lingerie firm’s American Eagle Outfitters, committed to what they call”the real woman”, no touch-ups or supermodels. “The real you is sexy” is their slogan.

The next spring-summer 2014 of Aerie comes without digital retouching to present its collection of lingerie. The firm seeks “real beauty”.

Some women do have curves, with bodies that can most resemble a prototype of beauty that we know as which rises on the catwalk.

We must win over other public and test new approaches to marketing, Aerie wants to be associated with another type of woman that is most identified with his campaign than with the Victoria’s Secret.

My question is: are these the real “real women”?