The Cowboys Want to Teach The Ankles

Shorts win during these days of high temperatures, but not in all circumstances are the best pants to show off. At the end so changing fashion and summer festivals in every day just betting by the Cowboy indispensable. If in addition this cowboy is still avoiding lower measurement and follow wearing ankle better.

Chloë Moretz se encuentra estos días de promo por su nueva película Kick-Ass 2 y entre tanto vestido de premiere hay momentos para un Cowboy pitillo ajustado al tobillo. A look at off shades, predominantly grey complemented with shoes and bag of Chanel.

Travel comfort dictates, the rest should stay in the background (although there is who is still clinging to its 15 centimeters in height up to check luggage). Charlize Theron mona goes up to the simplest. A basic hair styling and as well. In Navy Blue new drop from the heights with a few dancers in animal print.

Jennifer Garner are also encouraged to the capri jeans for these summer days. Jeans with low returned. This time combined with the shirts of fine scratches from next autumn, dark tones and more dancers.

That last the fashion of wearing ankle and do not back the palazzo broader.