The Ecstasy of Stella McCartney in His Campaign Spring-Summer 2014

The campaigns of Stella McCartney you always have to see them. It is a different style of advertising. Never know what you will be surprised. Sometimes gets into the city with their big coats, in a pool or in a maze, sometimes visit Bambi or lives in a multicolour country. In the Spring-summer 2014 the éxtasis stars in your image.

Suvi Koponen This is who remains as the image of Stella McCartney. The Finnish model is one of the faithful in the top 10 current among brands, magazines and catwalks.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott also continue commissioning photography of the campaign for one season. They leave us these two large images that are pure desire in two flat details setting more direct macro.

Two images that contrast with the Suvi Koponen in black and white. Simple and bland. New Stella McCartney campaign offers the lime and sand, with mixed feelings.