The Selfies Arrive in The World of Advertising with Calvin Klein Underwear

After being the word of the year 2013, the selfie now reaches the world of advertising with the campaign of Calvin Klein Underwear. Posing in lingerie and send it to the ligue of shift is in fashion, despite the consequences if the image becomes irresponsible hands and little discrete. Miranda Kerr and the musician Trey Songz they have much to show and little to hide in this campaign.

In addition American lingerie brand invites his followers to show his calvins in social networks, the name of the campaign makes it clear: “show yours. #mycalvins”.

A campaign designed for the postureo who have (or are intended to have) perfect bodies to show them to the public. At the moment we can see instagram selfies Leandra and Chiara, each with his particular style, irreverent and fun one and do narcissistic? the other.

Would you do a selfie on social networks with your calvins?