Tibi Prefall 2014 By Tennis Socks, Large Squares, Hats & Oversize Complete Looks

To make it short: I love this collection. From A to Z, from head to toe, from the choice of materials about the silhouettes. Is the plaid an oversized next round? -I’m doing. Far above, down further? -I dressed like together. Hats in the most beautiful form? -I’m kind of ready. Tennis socks to the finer thread? -Absolutely, the eyes have get used to it. Dress over pants? -Oh, logo, give it to me.

It is this absolute naturalness, the Tibi underlines with his latest prefall collection, wrapping myself around the finger. Fractions? -Is no shortage. However, the are so skillfully has been inserted that the result not to “a miss is also over” schrabbt, but totally goes on and everything else as disguised looks. I count only for two seasons to the largest Tibi fans, but is also end 2014 still not in sight!

#1 the “skirt over trousers“ wagon

Yes, they followed us. But the eye until it has accustomed, also naturally work the look. Why not? If we now cover the chaps with a pantyhose or equal access to the skinny, do there now also really no difference, right? Anyway, the look is great – and I like:

#2 where’s the silhouette? Remote body from head to toe

A or other’s never understand, I count, however, the biggest fans: far, further, body-remote. A wide trousers need a slim cut shirt? Nonsense. If acne, Comme des Garçons, and now also Tibi everything set on oversized, probably not so much can be wrong, or? I’m going nuts at least.

#3 true white black

Garçon-look goes

It’s however and the very figure flattering comes along. Best combination: black and white. And: don’t forget the hat!

#4 shorts time

Just as we want to see shorts in the summer and prescribe the denim Darling a break time. On top of that pretty chic looks, non?

#5 sweater weather

Not only in the winter of constant companion, but also in the spring: the sweater. He is just about thrown the most beautiful piece of clothing to the short shorts or the mini – not only when is in the evening once again a bit balmy.

To buy July < 3 – all by the way looks are here.