Today in Berlin: Music Festival | Tips

Yes, the music festival would have earned quite a bit more luck with the weather, finally drawing musicians from around the world in the fight against the monotony. Just in time to the beginning of today’s Summer Music Festival, which had its premiere in Paris in 1982 starts.

Music throughout the city and free – what there is for each ear. The standard grey we can hardly spoil us this pleasant opportunity, finally have our fathers used to say: the wrong weather is ’ s not, just the wrong clothing. So you not completely disoriented wanders around in the capital, we picked out you a few delicacies:

1.Der Lustgarten is today contact point for street musicians, for as many – in Berlin that can be quite wonderful, because not often you stumble to the remotest corners of true talent. A musical Überaschungsei, more or less.

2.Der Mauerpark is besieged by the flea market on Sunday today are ’ s computergemerierte tones: from 19.50 play “Mediengruppe Telekommander“ and later “jazzanova“. “young rebel“ since play in addition to 21:00.

You can 3.Polka-Rock and folk-rap by equal to 15 musicians on the roof of the bunker in the Volkspark Humboldthain listen – 1A views including! 18.00 22:00.

4.Das heroes beschallt Friedel Street in Kreuzberg with a French electro party (16.00-22.00) and the Reuter Platz are ’ s a varied mix of reggae and Afrofunk (16.00-04.00).

Are 5.Jazz and blues ’ s at the curlew summer garden at the Carl-heart-UFER 34, Kreuzberg.

Is 6 from 17.oo ‘s on the Reuter 8 infinite Livez and gold Panda! (here we be, thanks Philip!)

7.Ab 22 is the Sause on six indoor stages further, for example in the boiler house of culture brewery and the Knaack.

Who else beautiful white, just bring it! (:

Thanks also to Sugarhigh for tips!