Top Models without Retouching and Makeup… Are Less Tops?

We speak of models, We talked about women, hopeless, unattainable measures of urban Gazelles than if you topas them you in NY or Paris can not avoid to hold the breath.

They are divine, and fashion always shows them as such but what happens when bulbs lights are switched off, when the objectives are closed and the marabunta of stylists, assistants and makeup artists are not already around to her around? The Viva model agency He wanted to reveal it on the occasion of his new opening in London with a series of photographs of their represented as entered by your door any day, with one jean any and any background.

We know how looks Natalia Vodianova on the cover of Vogue China June, photographed by the master Lindbergh by the way, but how do do you a Monday morning no lights or make up?

As it does so. Here you can see all their represented and how they look when the spotlights are turned off and the lights in the morning.