Trends Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Steal The Coat to Your Boyfriend!

Winter is synonymous with cold, and wraps, cold and coats of… need to buy me a new coat! Or not. If you have a partner or brother your problem might be more that solved, need only to raid your closet, to investigate if that straight male court coat that you like so much remains there and is already, solved!

The camel is perhaps the most helpful and I think one of the most beautiful and versatile in terms of boyfriend coats, colors in addition ease of combination can give you lots of play. A shelter in this tonality is, without doubt, a safe bet for this winter.

Another of my colour alternative to black so broken and favorite, is gray, Although depending on his cuts and details that wrap possess may end being overly masculine, but those are points which should analyse the person itself.

As expected the Rose Cake It also makes its appearance in this post, because if we speak of coats this winter we can not forget one of the major trends, pink wrap.

The union of the rose, feminine color par excellence, and the male style may seem a contradiction, but what is fashion if not an accumulation of successive contradictions?

One of the major options to subtract to wrap masculinity is opting for two-color versions, like this in black and blue klein, It also provides a large dose of brightness to the style, rather than in winter is welcome.

Another of my favorites, the dark blue, a color that has a very useful overwhelming bipolarity that depending on how combined can be a touch more formal, or conversely, last playing in favour of the urban casual look.

Do you will be able to resist you to the? boyfriend coats This winter, or on the contrary already are scheming with which of them do you?