Trends Low Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Looking for Prada Stripe

The fall of the square punk will not be for all brands. There is one that always seeks to leave the main line to create their own. Prada and Miuccia go to their air. The vertical stripes make a site for the upcoming season. Between the low-cost trends already home, several examples.


The variety dominates in all garments. We are looking for the full look striped, which does not mean that searching for the total combination, would be an excess not recommended. And also have them in sales in Zara.

  • Bodice cross in black and Garnet tones for 12,99 EUR.
  • A dress with cross top and thin red stripes by 15,99 EUR.
  • A soft beige linen Blazer for 19.99 euros.


Stripes well marked either party that stripes is appears to have collapsed in the brightness and shape. The idea is present and makes us the same use. In Mango We have some salting in the garments, which are renewing in the Spanish company for autumn.

  • A short and sequined dress by 44,99 EUR.
  • Tight jeans with finish metallic 39.99 euros.
  • A blouse in soft beige, wide and fall for 29.99 euros.

H & M

In H & M We continue to see the trends of the last season in which there were black and white without stopping. All converted into referees. A way to keep current shopping.

  • Leggings of point for 9,95 euros.
  • Striped Sweatshirt for 9,95 euros.


The trend has come to ASOs giving the possibility to vary between garments unless they change their patterns. Either skirt or pants.

  • High-waisted pencil skirt by 15,91 euros.
  • Top with round neckline striped by 16,57 EUR.
  • Shooting pants low by 18.56 euros.

Prada, the original

Miuccia Prada it not wasted any season to establish their ideas and make them fashionable. Against the French punk pictures of autumn she opts for the vertical stripes in her latest collection.