Uneven Marking Is an American Apparel. Where Is The Limit?

Advertising coup of controversy or the classic “that you speak of you, albeit poorly” It is an advertising technique that as no one controls the US firm American Apparel. Their campaigns seek to react to the viewer and to talk of this, a strategy that Desigual firm has joined in their latest campaigns.

Announcements of Desigual carry an associated hashtag it is no coincidence. With them, the firm seeks people to express its opinion about the campaign through this channel. Controversial ad + own hashtag are the necessary elements to get the desired result, be trending topic or theme of the moment on Twitter and thus, be known. It is harder to get someone to enter your shop that get that someone will get into a cryptic hashtag (of the type #túdecides, #tengounplan, or #yomeatrevo) and get to know your brand.

The scandal on Twitter brings with it a safe space in media. Do we would be dedicating a post to their campaigns if it weren’t for this phenomenon? Certainly not, and they would not speak of them online editions of Spanish newspapers.

The spot of Desigual which looks to a model in the mirror by placing a cushion in the gut pretending to be pregnant to then take a PIN and click about condoms It is the latest and the most controversial of all the ads that firm has launched since the beginning of this new advertising line at the end of 2012.

Such has been the uproar and the reactions of personalities and associations, as Facua, that the firm has had to stand up for this.

An ad with a girl who a condom. Superdiver or. Is the message that if you buy #Desigual you are just stupid?

— FACU (@facua) may 2, 2014

In a statement, Desigual answered generated controversy saying that your ad is a “cry to the personal liberation and the right to pursue dreams”. For its makers, the Act of puncturing a condom “can be an ode to motherhood, a symbol, a metaphor. (…) It’s advertising fictions where everyone is free to interpret the message and the end.”

Click a condom is an act that calls powerfully the attention, as it can be so striking a match in the dark or puncture a balloon in the silence. Now, light a match must not serve as a symptom of Pyromania, but it can be a symbol of an idea, flashing, take, etc. Click a condom may be an ode to motherhood. A symbol, a metaphor. The imagination is free to think about consequences.

Before this #túdecides came other controversies such as the series of videos in which three girls explained their new year’s resolutions: introduce parents to a new partner (a woman), lie down with your head or break with everything to travel to Thailand and, there, “wrapped with a diver, or a surfer or both at the same time”.

Or that #yomeatrevo, the campaign of the firm focused on the launch of her new fragrance, while a girl lying on a couch toys with a pot of Cologne, a voice says: “These are the new uneven fragrances… and this is not a lipstick”.

All these ads succeeded in what Desigual sought, be at its trending topic. The bad thing is playing with fire is that in the end, you end up burning.

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