Unilever Grain Models Use Size Zero in Their Campaigns

The Dove for a Real Beauty advertising campaign, already has been extended to all products by Unilever, company that owns this brand. The company has declared that he refuses to use size zero models in their future beauty campaigns, according to the directors of the company from now on they turn to follow the provisions of the United Nations on health and body mass (between 18.5 and 21).

Unilever was already behind the Dove Pro-age campaign that shows how promotional six women more than 50 years of its new skin care products. And even both summer and year-round, They showed the results of their products in real women, not skeletal models or 1.80 m. stature, but normal women as you and I.

In United States the television commercial was vetoed since has claimed that he taught too much skin, a little inconsistent if we analyze other programs with sexual content and violence appearing on it, but they know. Meanwhile, We can only applaud the fact that the Unilever company a to policy makers, designers and organizations who support an image of woman devoid of stereotypes, most close to reality and which make us feel beautiful no matter the weight, age, race or height.