US 59 and 61 in Missouri

US 59 in Missouri

US 59
Begin Winthrop
End Tarkio
Length 106 mi
Length 170 km

St. Joseph

Mound City



According to Existingcountries, US 59 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms a north-south route in the northwest corner of the state and has a somewhat illogical route. The road serves the city of St. Joseph, among others, and is 170 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At the hamlet of Winthrop, US 59 in Kansas from Atchinson crosses the Missouri River from Atchinson and then heads northeast along the Missouri River to St. Joseph, which is about 25 miles away. On the south side of St. Joseph, US 59 merges with Interstate 229, passing through downtown St. Joseph. South of downtown you cross US 36. The downtown section is double-decked and runs directly along the Missouri River. After downtown, US 59 exits from I-229 and continues through the northern neighborhoods, then merges with US 71 after joining Interstate 29. US 59 then begins a parallel route along I-29 and crosses the highway several times. US 71 first exits to Marysville to the north, then US 59 continues west and east of I-29. At Mound City, US 159 from Falls City in Nebraska ends at US 59. About 20 miles further US 59 turns north, further away from I-29 and passes through Tarkio, where it crosses US 136. Not far after, the border with Iowa follows, after which US 59 in Iowa continues to Harlan.


US 59 was added to the US Highway system in 1934. The route has not changed substantially in Missouri since then. It’s a relatively secondary route, especially since I-29 opened in the 1960s and 1970s.

Traffic intensities

Due to the parallel route present, the US 59 is not very busy. Every day 9,400 vehicles cross the Kansas border, dropping to 4,900 vehicles towards St. Joseph. The rest of the route has between 600 and 1,400 vehicles.

US 61 in Missouri

US 61
Get started Holland
End St. Francisville
Length 392 mi
Length 630 km



Mew Madrid


Cape Girardeau



ste. Genevieve







Bowling Green


La Grange




According to Anycountyprivateschools, US 61 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms a long north-south route through the east of the state. The road runs parallel to Interstate 55 from the Arkansas border to St. Louis and a 2×2 divided highway north of St. Louis to the Iowa border. The road is 630 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Southern Missouri

In the Mississippi River valley, US 61 in Arkansas enters the state of Missouri from Blytheville and then parallels Interstate 55 to the north. After eight miles, US 61 merges into I-55 at Steele for a double-numbering 42 kilometers until Portageville. En route you cross Interstate 155 which leads to Dyersburg in Tennessee. Then the road parallels I-55 again through the flat land and just before New Madrid US 62 from Pocahontas merges into Arkansas. After New Madrid, the road runs due north, a little further from the Mississippi River, but still through the torrent valley. At Sikeston one crosses theUS 60 and US 62 then merge towards Cairo in the east. The US 61 then only continues to Cape Girardeau, a somewhat larger town, 50 kilometers to the north.

Just before Cape Girardeau there is a short double numbering with I-55, after which the road runs through the west of the city via the Kingshighway. North of the city, I-55 intersects twice in quick succession and US 61 east of I-55 heads north, following the Mississippi River a few miles away. One passes through Perryville and occasionally crosses a state route. There are few bridges over the Mississippi River, only one between Cape Girardeau and St. Louis. Further north, the west bank of the Mississippi becomes hillier with more forest. US 61 runs a short distance from I-55 here, often in sight. At Festus, the US 67. joinsfrom Park Hills and Poplar Bluff to the south and both roads are then double-numbered as far as the metropolitan area of ​​St. Louis. That conurbation doesn’t start much further, and from Festus there are already a number of small towns that function as distant commuter towns from St. Louis. However, they are not yet part of the urban area.

St. Louis

The road does not pass through St. Louis itself, but through the southern and western suburbs. The southern suburb of Mehlville intersects with Interstate 255, which forms the eastern ring road from St. Louis and handles traffic to Illinois. US 61 turns northwest here and passes through a number of smaller southern suburbs, paralleling Interstate 270. The US 50 is also crossed here. In Kirkwood one crosses Interstate 44. The road here forms the broad Lindbergh Boulevard and is an important urban arterial. At the suburb of Creve Coeur, US 61 merges with Interstate 64, which also carries US 40.expires. US 67 then continues only to the northern suburbs. US 61 then heads west through the expensive western suburbs of St. Louis and then crosses the Missouri River. At Wentzville one crosses Interstate 70, which merges with US 40. US 61 then continues north with 2×2 lanes only.

Northern Missouri

US 61 at Wayland in northeast Missouri.

The road then counts over a long distance, the rest of the route in Missouri, 2×2 lanes with short highway sections here and there. The distance to the Mississippi River is slightly greater here, about 25 kilometers. After about 75 kilometers you reach the town of Bowling Green, where the US 61 forms a highway bypass. This is where the US 54 crosses. The road then continues through rolling country to Hannibal, a small town on the Mississippi River. In Hannibal you cross the US 36. Just past Hannibal the US 24 joins from Kansas Cityin for a double numbering of more than 20 kilometers to Taylor. US 24 then exits to Quincy, Illinois. Further north, US 61 runs a short distance from the Mississippi River and does not pass through larger towns in the state of Missouri. In the extreme northeast of the state, one still crosses US 136 at Wayland. Not far after that, the road crosses the Des Moines River, which also marks the border with Iowa. US 61 in Iowa then continues to Keokuk and the Quad Cities.


US 61 was created in 1926. The route follows an old trade route on the west bank of the Mississippi north of St. Louis and is called the Avenue of the Saints, from Saint Louis to Saint Paul. South of St. Louis, US 61 has no through importance since I-55 was built. Also in the St. Louis conurbation, US 61 is not an important separate route, and is mainly double-numbered with other roads. The northern section, from I-70 to the Iowa border, is of through-importance, this section is entirely 4-lane, largely completed in the 1980s and 1990s, although the northernmost section was not widened until after 2005.

Traffic intensities

The section parallel to I-55 is quiet, with typically about 2,000 vehicles per day. Through the suburbs of St. Louis, the road is busier, with up to 34,000 vehicles. The 2×2 section from St. Louis to Hannibal generally has about 10,000 to 12,000 vehicles per day, and about 8,000 vehicles north of that.

US 61 in Missouri