US 95 in Nevada


US 95
Get started Cal-Nev-Aric
End McDermitt
Length 647 mi
Length 1,041 km

Boulder City


Las Vegas




Fallon – Winnemucca:




According to Watchtutorials, US 95 is a US Highway in the US state of Nevada. The road runs north-south across the state, from Cal-Nev-Ari on the California border through Las Vegas to McDermitt on the Oregon border. The road is a freeway in and around Las Vegas, but otherwise mostly a single-lane highway through remote areas. The route is 1,041 kilometers long, and is double-numbered with several roads, such as US 93 and Interstate 80.

Travel directions

Las Vegas

US 95 between Las Vegas and Tonopah.

US 95 between Hawthorne and Luning.

At the hamlet of Cal-Nev-Ari, named after the surrounding states, US 95 enters the state of Nevada from California in the middle of nowhere . The road continues north through the desert, reaching Boulder City. Here begins the highway section, and the double numbering with US 93. The road is also double numbered as Interstate 515. You then arrive in Henderson, a suburb with 266,000 inhabitants. Here are 2×3 lanes, and one also crosses Interstate 215, which starts here. From the highway one has a view over the city, which is somewhat lower. The road runs to the northwest, through the various suburbs and suburbs. The neighborhoods of Las Vegas are densely built, with very little greenery. The highway then turns to the west, and one gets closer to the center. The highway then has 2×4 lanes, and one crosses the Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as “The Strip”. I-515 ends at the interchange with Interstate 15, which runs to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Continue straight ahead onto US 93 and US 95, which continue to form a highway through northwestern Las Vegas.

One passes through the western neighborhoods of Las Vegas, all suburban neighborhoods. At Summerlin Parkway, US 95 turns north, crossing the northern neighborhoods with 2×4 lanes. To the north, it crosses Interstate 215, the city’s ring road. You then pass through the Mojave Desert. The highway section ends just before Indian Springs.

Western Nevada

US 6/95 west of Tonopah.

You then pass through remote mountainous desert area. The view is spectacular, but the heat is unbearable. It passes by Area 51, the Nevada Test Site, and the deserts of Death Valley. The only places along the way are no more than desert villages. The road often runs straight through the uninhabited world for tens of kilometers. After 350 kilometers you reach the first somewhat larger town, Tonopah, with 2,500 inhabitants. US 95 is then double-numbered with US 6, the remote road from California to Ely, the nearest town to the east, 280 kilometers away. After 620 kilometers you reach Fallon, the largest place since Las Vegas, with 8,000 inhabitants. To the west is Reno, a larger city that can be reached via the US 50. Some way north of Fallon, US 95 merges into theInterstate 80, the highway from Sacramento to Salt Lake City.

Both roads will then be double-numbered for 150 miles, all the way to Winnemucca, where US 95 exits north as I-80 continues the long journey to Salt Lake City. Then follow the last empty 120 kilometers to the hamlet of McDermitt on the Oregon border. US 95 then continues through the deserts.


According to Citypopulationreview, US 95 was created in 1926, although the route initially ran only through Idaho. In 1938, US 95 was extended far south into southern California, also establishing the route through Nevada. At that time, US 95 was already largely paved. Only the part between the California border and Boulder City was unpaved at the time, as was the part between Fallon and where US 95 now connects to I-80. Between 1963 and 1982, I-80 was opened, after which US 95 became double-numbered. In many places, I-80 was built directly over US 95.

Between 2017 and 2018, a 5-mile section of US 95 just outside Las Vegas was widened to 2×2 lanes, between its junction with I-15 and the Apex Power Parkway.

In the northwest of Las Vegas, US 95 has been further expanded into a freeway. In 2011, a grade-separated connection with Horse Drive opened. On June 20, 2019, a connection opened with Kyle Canyon Road, upgrading 7 kilometers of US 95 northwest of Las Vegas to a freeway.

Traffic intensities

Daily 230,000 vehicles pass the I-15 interchange in Las Vegas, dropping to 180,000 vehicles after the Summerlin Parkway interchange and 90,000 vehicles until the 215 County Road interchange. Further north, intensities rapidly drop below 10,000 vehicles per day. There are 3,500 vehicles after Indian Springs, 3,000 vehicles after Amargosa Valley, 3,300 vehicles after Beatty, 2,500 vehicles south of Tonopah, 2,500 vehicles west of Tonopah, 3,000 vehicles at Luning and 3,500 vehicles at Hawthorne. Just before Fallon, more than 4,000 vehicles per day, but less than 1,000 vehicles per day, travel between Fallon and I-80. 5,500 vehicles drive off I-80 in Winnemucca, dropping to 1,700 to 2,500 vehicles to the Oregon border at McDermitt.

US 95 in Nevada