Who Are The Most Powerful Industry Bloggers? Shop on Line More Luxurious The Choose

The company’s Natalie Massenet, NET – Porter He has made a very interesting ranking with the ten most influential in the world of fashion bloggers. We anticipate that in the list are not The Cherry Blossom Girl, Chiara The Blonde Salad or Am-Lul, but if others well known is that worth take a long look.

If you are in the list in which many would want to be is Hanneli Mustarpata that it is one face rather than familiar in the world of fashion. Do you want to know to the? nine other elected? Go ahead!

There is no doubt that Hanneli is one of the girls of fashion and starring NET – porter, apart from choosing it as one of the most influential has left us with a Publisher by the same Hanneli. Hanneli, 28 years old, is in Oslo and was discovered there when he walked down the street and thus natural, began his career as a model with 17 years. Can it be more beautiful and stylish than Hanneli?

The architect of the Jak & Jil blog is our next guest star. Tommy Ton photograph each wonderful detail that someone in the street, especially in fashion weeks and glamorous events. Collaborator of Style, mixing his work in the Group Condé Nast with his personal project. We cannot say that this guy does not have one eye that is wonderful to capture details!

It seems that the guys also have their importance in this world of fashion. Bryan Boy, super friend of Rumi from The Fashion Toast has carved a niche in this list due to its daring outfits and their particular vision of trends. In this image you can see Bryan attending the fashion week in Paris with bow Lanvin for H & M.

Garance Doré, sweet and stylish bride of Scott Schumman also has its award. He began his blog in 2006 to show their illustrations and photographs and, later, taking the street with his camera under his arm.

Another of the best-known bloggers is Sussana Lau, Style Bubble. Its small space where shares images of collections and own looks and that updated daily, has also had his recognition. The girl mix and dares, something that has been appraised from net – Porter and that Susy Lau is not any clone. She is only!

Do he need presentations? Scott Schumman or The Sartorialist. Known for young people and adults, shows us the vision that has the of each city through what we like: the people.

If you do not know this blog, you must go through your space. It emerged in 2007 in a way to look for a new vision of fashion. And after four years Business of Fashion, you seem to have done well to this author that has the most warm fashion news.

Tavi Gevinson is a case apart. With twelve years he started his blog, with thirteen was already hobnobbing with Anna Wintour and attending the parades of fashion’s most important firms. Tavi is now fifteen years old and it continues war with its looks, its provocative aesthetics and his early vision of fashion.

The Coveteur is the quintessential cool blog. If you want to know what moves within the scene, see bazaars and still life with objects of worship and as two fashion editors are hooking up, don’t admire this blog!

Julia Bunny does not have a blog, has a very nice tumblr where you can see their photoshoots as a model, his attendance at parades and festivals. Julia Bunny has to a column in Paper Magazine so insurance worth knowing it.

Who left and who is missing in this list? Why you think there is no Spanish blogger in it?