Wood Wood A/F 14 – “HEROES” – of War Movies and Mountaineers

Copenhagen, you beauty. Once arrived in Denmark, the spit remains away almost at each yet so marginal Baker visit me. Because so much is so beautiful, even the Super mark has its charm. Probably I’m also relatively easy to impress as a classical tourist, anyway, a native countered yesterday: “you know, if you live here, then go friends at some point on the bag. Everything is posh and styled by, nothing exists simply so. Sometimes stupid. “ and somehow he’s also right, a bit Schnodderigkeit may be eventually very sympathetic. Until the good taste of the Danes however to go threatening me on nerves, really a lot has to happen. Because yesterday, for example, I asked myself to the felt 50th time like they just repeatedly fix this, this Danish geniuses at Wood Wood. I would order just about any outfit on the spot.

Team of Wood Wood white anyway, designing a complete lifestyle like you instead buy fashion, as one popularized the accompanying feeling in addition to clothing. Meanwhile one speaks not only of a fire, but by their own style if you mention Wood Wood: “What set out as a Copenhagen crooked phenomenon has turned into a national dress code (…)“.
The designer trio Oskar Olsen, Lotte Bank Nielsen and Brian Jensen of the 60s was inspired the guns of Navarone classics this fall. The guns of what? Possible, that in the war film directed by J. Lee Thompson erstmal nothing ringing – but those who saw pulp here, which was inevitably the one or the other time with rugged „ the guns of Navarone “ faced citations. In any case, is a fairly typical “secret command against Wehrmacht” strips. And why does it inspire is not of better? Because the aesthetics of that time certainly had re-interpreted their charms us today again, spun further and shoehorned out of the context of actually:

Also the field of Bergsteigertums left visible traces in the autumn/winter collection 2014, which probably is due to the above film landscape. Fitting that it sought a pompous location to the show, namely the largest climbing gym in Northern Europe. At dinner, we learned that the ropes and hooks, we partially see belt replacement, actually were not planned right from the start – the idea occurred in the Hall. Around goes of course.

My three favorites have common strange way of less with mountain climbing as rather with tennis (or golf?) And British Schick:


Eye-catcher: the headscarf in Heidi look.