Yes Makes Time That Te Quedaste a Pictures, Now Do It to Mode ‘Vichy’

Long that the? pictures are trend? Much, do not remember when empezarona dye the prndas, but the truth is that, like the flowers, each year we are changing mode. And this season are two types of a pictures that fight to be the King of the street: the pictures tartan and the vichy. The first win band a landslide, for what we’re going to cheat, but little by little the second print is gaining ground and thus us or They show streets Middle Earth. Are you going to fall in the seduction of these?

For all those who are caught by hand stamping is they dare to go beyond and planted with a flattering total look. Is true that you have to be very sure of yourself, but hey! good feel.

If the fashion insiders take something, it is that the trend is coming. And in the past Fashion weeks We saw a Mirolsva Duma and a Giovanna Battagalia wear clothes in this print. So hold you strong because there is still much world to discover. In the form of Mono XXL or ladylike dress, which one you prefer?

If you want to experience but want to get through unscathed from this, the best thing is to try with Add-ins to get. Shoes and bags are a good way to do it and do it Taylor Tomasi y Viviana Volpicella. Do you think of their choices?

Anyone who says there is no trends to choose is that not open your eyes to your around…