Zambia 2007

Yearbook 2007

Zambia. Disagreement over a new constitution characterized the domestic policy debate during the year. The most contentious issue in the new constitution concerns changes in the president’s power. The opposition accused the government of delaying the process and directing the work too much. According to CountryAAH, Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. President Levy Mwanawasa wants the new constitution, after referral work and public debate, to be adopted by a referendum. He threatened those who oppose a vote of treason.

Zambia Lusaka Places to Visit

In May, a court in London sentenced former President Frederick Chiluba and a number of his associates for embezzling the equivalent of nearly SEK 300 million. He was required to repay 85 percent of the sum to the Zambian state. That a civil case against Chiluba could be raised in London was explained by the misappropriated money, which should have been used for luxury consumption, was passed on through British bank accounts.

Shortly after the verdict in London, the Lusaka trial resumed against the ex-president. The trial has been ongoing since 2004 but has been delayed due to legal technicalities and Chiluba’s failing health. The indictment in Zambia is for a much smaller amount than he was convicted in London; just over three million kronor.

Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Zambia in February, promising new investments for the equivalent of about half a billion SEK in the copper industry and debt amortization. With the help of Chinese, an economic free zone will also be set up around the mining town of Chambeshi. However, the Chinese visit was not uncontested. Shortly before Hu Jintoo’s arrival, the Chinese owners closed Zambia’s largest textile factory after profitability problems. More and more complaints are being heard about poor working conditions in the many Chinese-owned companies.

Zambia weather in March, April and May

Average daily temperatures between 26 ° C and 29 ° C can be expected over the next three months. It gets warmest in April in Mongu, while May is a little cooler in Kasama.

In March it rains for 9 (Lusaka) to 16 days (Kasama), in April for 4 (Lusaka) to 7 days (Kasama) and in May for 0 (Mongu) to 1 days (Lusaka), depending on the region.

In the period from March to May, the sun shines an average of 5 to 10 hours a day. The sunniest weather is in Mongu in May, but with less sun you will have to get by in Kasama in March.